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Post by Eun Ha on Tue Feb 03, 2009 9:59 pm

Cyber attack

Leeteuk was panned for falsely stating that Korean figure skater Kim Yu-Na refused his cyworld invitation during an episode of School of Rock. After the show aired, the figure skater publicly clarified that she has never refused such an invitation. Ultimately, Leeteuk issued an official apology for the incident. A panel held in August 2007 concluded that the show was responsible for verifying the story. And later on Kim Yu-Na clarified that she did decline his invitation.

Super Junior China

After the subgroups Super Junior-K.R.Y. and Super Junior-T, on October 2, 2007, SM Entertainment announced the birth of another Super Junior sub-unit project that would begin activities in China starting 2008. Along with Han Geng, SM Entertainment's new Chinese trainee Henry Lau, who was also featured in the music video of "Don't Don", was said to be one of the core members for the subgroup.

The announcement brought in a huge wave of dissatisfaction and opposition from fans of Super Junior after the announcement of a new member. Initially fans were planning to boycott the company's products, however, most fans agreed on a silent protest instead. Thousands of fans from Super Junior's official fanclub E.L.F. silently sat in front of the SM building and held signs that supported the group to have only thirteen members.

After more rumors regarding adding an extra Chinese member to the subgroup, the fans decided to gain a legal representation as part of SM Entertainment's stockholders. As of March 20, 2008, Super Junior fans purchased 58,206 stocks of SM Entertainment, holding 0.3% of the company's entire stock. They released a statement that they will obtain all chances to prevent SM Entertainment from adding new members and to keep Super Junior as only thirteen.

MBC vs. SM

A time-slot dispute occurred between SM Entertainment and MBC when SM insisted to have Kang-in stay on SBS's Explorers of the Human Body instead of MBC's Sunday Night Dong-An Club (동안클럽) where Kang-in has been a regular host. MBC temporarily banned the rest of Super Junior from appearing in any future performances and shows hosted by MBC. Kang-in also lost his MC jobs to T.O.P of Big Bang for the music show, Show! Music Core and also two more variety shows, which both soon canceled after Kang-in left. MBC demanded an apology from SM Entertainment in order for Super Junior to appear on shows hosted by the channel again. However, MBC concluded that Super Junior's ban was never official, but just a decision for shows' producers to decide.

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