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Banjun Theater

In 2005 and 2006, TVXQ released Banjun Theater, which aired on Korean television station SBS, that featured the boys as budding actors. They have acted in their own one- or two-episode dramas titled First Love (Parts 1 and 2), The Masked Fencer, The King's Men, Tokyo Holiday, Dangerous Love, Finding Lost Time, Uninvited Guest and Unforgettable Love.

Theatrical dramas

* [2006] VACATION

VACATION, premiering in July 28, 2006, consisted of four episodes and a special: Cassiopeia (U-KNOW), Beautiful Life (Xiah and Max), The Way U Are (Hero) and Eternal (Micky), which were first shown at Yonsei University from July 7 to August 8, 2006, and were later released on the third (C) version of TVXQ's third album "O"-正.反.合. as a separate DVD. The group recorded an original soundtrack which consisted of two tracks ("Beautiful Life" and "Holding back the Tears") and their instrumental versions.

* [Unreleased] Dating on Earth

Dating on Earth involves all five members, but only Micky and Hero are main characters. The drama has Micky married to a high school teacher (Played by Seo Hyun Jin from the group M.I.L.K)[citation needed] with whom Hero falls in love. U-Know, Max, and Xiah play minor roles.

* [Unreleased] "Heaven's Postal Delivery Man" (천국의 우편 배달부), a seven-episode drama starring Jaejoong in the first episode, is about a man who travels between the present and the afterlife to deliver messages to people. It is said that this will be a TeleCinema - i.e. a movie will be produced in addition to the drama that will last about one to two hours in both Japanese and Korean.


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