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Post by kriszanne on Sat Feb 14, 2009 10:31 pm

On June 14, 2005, TVXQ and BoA were appointed as PR spokespeople for the city of Los Angeles in the United States.

Aside music, the group acted together in their feature 4-episode theatrical drama VACATION, later released with the 3rd album DVD. With the success of their 3rd album and rise in popularity, they were invited to several popular Korean variety shows such as X-Man, Heroine 6, and Ya Shim Man Man. Hero Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun also acted in a skit comedy on MBC's Goldfish. Their All About TVXQ DVD became the best-selling DVD for 2006 in South Korea, with sales of 47,186 copies surpassing those of movies and shows. With the success of the DVD, the co-producers SBS and SM Entertainment decided to release All About TVXQ season 2 in a 5-DVD box set for 2007.

In early April, the members began hosting a weekly radio program called "TVXQ Bigeastation" on Japan FM Network channel, which is currently being aired on seven local FM stations.

On March 28th, TVXQ was appointed the "Goodwill Ambassador for Asia" by Universal Studios Japan to promote the attractions of USJ.

The group was also chosen as the new faces of the Lotte Duty Free Shops (DFS). A Lotte DFS representative explained that TVXQ was well-known all across Asia, and so was chosen as spokespeople for the Lotte Duty Free Shops. Ads that TVXQ shot for the company were released in November, when the group began participating in events sponsored by Lotte DFS. On May 17, 2008, TVXQ performed at the 6th Korean Music Festival in Los Angeles, California.


1. ^ TVXQ's name is often written as Dong Bang Shin Gi in English news articles.
2. ^ Unlike in other countries, South Korea's charts, supplied by the Music Industry of Korea, only publish monthly and yearly rankings. All rankings for Korean records in this article refer to the monthly charts and all rankings for Japanese records refer to the Oricon's weekly charts unless otherwise stated.
3. ^ The title of the album is based on Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel's theory.
4. ^ Original text: To. 정윤호 너 입조심 해라!! 데뷔때부터 건방지더니 ㅗㅗ 노래도 그지같고 맨날 삑사리에 춤도 다른 가수들보다 잘 추지도 못하면서 잘난 척은 왜 그렇게 심한지. 쯧.. 너네 한계가 먼 줄 아냐? 꼬맹이들만 너네 좋아한다는 거다! 개방신기 나오면 채널 돌려버리는 사람들이 얼마나 많은 줄 알어? 시청률도 가관이더라. ㅋㅋ 대중가수가 아니라 영원토록 아이들 연예인으로 밖에 안보일거다. 너 진짜 죽여버리고 싶다.


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