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Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun does Trot

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Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun does Trot

Post by suju_jjang on Mon Feb 16, 2009 1:52 pm

No matter how hard I've tried to tolerate trot, I just can't. Well, maybe some Jang Yoonjung, but that's about it. Either way, trot should trot it's way straight into a garbage can, sorry mom and dad, those cassette tapes you used to play in the car, just awful. With that said, Girls' Generation member Seohyun will be releasing a duet trot single with old school trotter Joo Hyunmi, entitled "Jja ra ja jja (짜라자짜)" on the 17th via But amidst all of this terrible news, there is still some hope. Our saviour Yuri will be blessing the music video with her presence. And that's definitely something to look forward too.


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