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SM Entertainments wants blogs taken down

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SM Entertainments wants blogs taken down

Post by kriszanne on Wed Feb 18, 2009 8:34 pm

They must be joking.

SM Entertainment wants the blogs that posted up Boa’s leaked track, “I did it for love” taken down. The song was supposed to be released on February 18th on 5 U.S. based sites, including Myspace, and Facebook, but since it’s everywhere, their plans for promotion has been thwarted. If anything, the “early” distribution has promoted BoA’s music.

Listen to the 1:30 preview of BoA’s “I did it for love” here (in Korean)

Heads up, the music video for “I did it for love” will be released in early March.

SM Entertainment is investigating into how the track was leaked.



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