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After School Is A Real School

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After School Is A Real School

Post by brokensoul on Tue Feb 24, 2009 8:22 am

After School is a new Korean girlband aka the korea's version of Pussycat Dolls..

After School does live up to their name as the Son Dambi 5-member group moniker. All five members sport toned abs and sexy butts and are highly confident of their bodies when performing in front of the cameras. But it hasn't been an easy road achieving them.

Group leader, Ga Hee expressed, "It wasn't easy to have a body like this. Before our debut, we had to spend 3 - 4 hours in the gym. You can say that we have used sweat and tears to sculpt our bodies. Due to the high frequency of performances lately, we haven't been to the gym much. Our muscles have gone away and in return, our figures have gone awry."

Each comes with some background. Ga Hee was a former dancer for BoA, Joo Yeon is an Internet ulzzang, So Young studied dancing in her high school, Kim Jung Ah is a trainee for musicals while Becca came through auditions in Hawaii. The 5 were brought together in 2007 and debuted 1.5 years later with their first mini-album, After School. Their debut single Ah has been really popular thanks to its catchy beat and strong dance chereography.

The concept of After School seems to be taking a leaf from Japan's Morning Musume where its members graduate (leave the group) at a certain stage. According to their management, Pledis Entertainment, "Technically, this first batch of 5 members will be After School first year students. After them, we will start auditions for 2nd year students and then they will then replace the 1st year students once they have trained sufficiently for their debut."

So Young further explained, "We are like students currently studying in the school called After School. If there are new students coming in, there will also be graduating students. As long as they (new students) fit the After School image, anyone can become a student for the coming 2nd year. The current first year students have a choice on whether they want to stay as a singer or develop their career instead in the acting or variety field."

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