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~UNTITLED~ (another poem for Leeteuk)

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~UNTITLED~ (another poem for Leeteuk)

Post by brokensoul on Thu Feb 26, 2009 11:59 am

This might be another lame composition..
Sorry about it..
I just love Oppa so much.. XD Embarassed

I cant help but wonder, what makes you stand out
When there's 13 of you, facing the crowd
Its not the style of your hair that caught my attention
There's something deep within that i cant even mention

Is it your eyes that sparkle everytime you smile?
Is it your voice that caused me to daydream for a while?
Is it your lips that talks only of kindness when you speak?
Or is it your heart that's full of love; only you can give?

You are the words that makes my poem complete
Just like the rhymes that i tried so hard to meet
Other's call you angel, while i call you my prince
That i can only spend time with, on my sweetest dreams

You are like the sunshine that brightens my day
The star that guides me, when im losing my way
You are my only one, and i hope you would be
My knight in shining armour, until eternity


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