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SUJU Sisters are super friends as well

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SUJU Sisters are super friends as well

Post by brokensoul on Fri Feb 27, 2009 12:09 pm

Can you guess which Super Junior members these four ladies are related to?

The lack of resemblance means one thing - mucho plastico - on either or both siblings.

Anyhow, these four random folks are none other than Super Junior’s Hee Chul, Lee Teuk, Eun Hyuk and Kyu Hyun’s biological older sisters who also happen to be BFFs. These four not only meet to attend their little bro’s concerts, but also to hang out with each other, take pictures together and upload them on cyworld to brag about their unexpected friendships.

According to Lee Teuk’s older sis, these four are very lucky to be in each other’s lives and are glad that they are the same age.

How random yet sickeningly sweet! But, I do wonder if these four ever argue about their brother’s popularity when they meet for coffee.

[Picture above starting from the left: Park In-Young (Lee Teuk), Lee Sora (Eun Hyuk), Kim Hee Jin (Hee Chul) and Jo Ah-ra (Kyu Hyun)]

cr: seoulbeats

Anyway~ its very refreshing to see these gorgeous girls posing for the cam like how their little brothers often do.. Can you see the resemblance of Heechul and Heejin and how both love to pose?? Leeteuk's nuna (In-young) is equally goodlooking as him.. Kyu's Nuna (Ah-ra) and Hyuk's nuna (Sora)are kawaii as well.. I hope soon, i would see Hae, Min, and Yesung's brothers together for a change..!!i need some more stalking dont you think?


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Re: SUJU Sisters are super friends as well

Post by kriszanne on Sat Feb 28, 2009 10:31 pm

ohh i already saw this pic on Ah Ra and Hee Jin's cyworld before..
Ah Ra onnie is the prettiest among them,,just like how Kyu Hyun is the cutest,handsome,adorable,talented among them,kekekeke.. oppps just my opinion Very Happy



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