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09.02.27 Eunhyuk's Fancafe Msg

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09.02.27 Eunhyuk's Fancafe Msg

Post by brokensoul on Sat Feb 28, 2009 3:24 pm

Title: Buffering … 87%

Hello everyone, I am Jewel EunHyuk!
Recently, I am very busy, also very tired, very nervous but very excited and feel good! ! ! ! !
You know why, right?
Now is the end of recording and also the choreography is nearly done … …
Tomorrow MV shooting is starting …
Now the remaining issue for the members is that we have to make the psychological preparation to the ELF … ^ ^
Are you ready?
From the beginning of March, all will be together running like crazy, and now are you ready?
Members are now feeling very excited .. really … as it’s such a long time we havent done anything ^ ^
During that time, we did not show many performances or new kind of music so we would like to quickly let you see our new performances and hear our new music..
Now is our time to comeback, and let’s all sing many songs together!!! keke
We also look forward to your support ~ ELF’s singing is pretty good .. hehe
CB also is our day, thus we are repeatedly practicing, preparing for the perfect stage ~
Oh ~ Do not be scared to death or shocked at what we do, our company staff did, keke~
Anyway, we will meet soon so please well-prepare … Oh ^ ^

taken from : Eunyuk's fancafe


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