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Facts about Taetae..^^

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Facts about Taetae..^^

Post by suju_jjang on Wed Mar 04, 2009 11:27 am

FACT#1:She wears contacts.

FACT#2:She is the beloved,dorky leader of soshi.

FACT#3:She and Fany are a wife-wife couple.(this is just for fun)

FACT#4:She is a passionate singer that matches well with her beautiful voice.

FACT#5:She is famous as the leader who never cries.(except for that certain school of rock ep)

FACT#6:She hates aegyo.

FACT#7:She sleeptalks and sleeps in Yoga position.There was a time that she also sleepwalked.

FACT#8:She is the DJ of Chinchin together with Kangin.

FACT#9:She loves rice cakes and bean paste.(thanks to agnesia0123)

FACT 10:She loves amusement parks and even hopes to own one in the future.(thanks to agnesia0123)

FACT#11:She was voted as the idol star most likely to be successful if she goes
solo.(thanks to agnesia0123)

FACT#12:She has sang two OST's that has both been very successful and because of this she has earned the title 'Queen of OST'

FACT#13:Her Parents own an eyeglass shop.

FACT#14:Prior debut, she was featured in the song of a band 'The One'

FACT#15:Recently,she has had some problems with sleeping.

FACT#16:She won YEPP's popularity award.

FACT#17:She wants to have a mushroom as a house.(Credit to MTV Hyoyeon's ep)

FACT#18:She used to play the violin.

FACT#19:She is the first member to have a solo track.(If)

FACT#20:She was featured in Lee Bul's "Forever" MV with other popular artists.

FACT#21:She's a fan of Dragon Ball Z and once said her ideal man was Vegeta.(thanks to byzantine1010)

FACT#22:Taeyeon was hospitalized last March(not sure about the date) and due to her absence, Sooyoung replaced her in Chinchin.

FACT#23:She seems to be close to Wonder Girls' Yoobin and Shinee's Jonghyun.

FACT#24:She once dreamed of becoming an announcer.

FACT#25:She said she wanted to take over the world.(this is a joke)

FACT#26 : she said that only sunny can touch her cheeks (credit to Taesun)

FACT#27: The fans say she has a butt fetish.

FACT#28: She used to be in the same math class with Sooyong. (credit to hyunii)

FACT#29:She used to have a crush on her math teacher (credit to hyunii)

FACT#30: She is the second shortest member of the group, 1st is Sunny.

FACT#31:Taeyeon claimed herself the best cook among the girls (although the others voted for HyoYeon LOL) and her best dishes is fried rice made from everything she could find in the fridge (credit to Keiko1812)

FACT#32: The only 'country girl' in soshi. (credit to I can't remember who, just pm me.k?)

FACT#33:She is an emotional person. Proof:She once cried because she felt bad that while the members were eating on the table, the staff were eating on the floor.

FACT#34: Her most treasured object is her training/jogging pants and wears it until now even if its a little worn out.

FACT#35:She likes to swim (credit to Love_TaeYeon smile.gif )


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