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Yesung likes Park Bo Young

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Yesung likes Park Bo Young

Post by brokensoul on Tue Mar 17, 2009 6:21 pm

Super Junior's Yesung confessed recently on KBS Cool Fm Kiss the Radio that he likes Park Bo Young as a possible love interest, not just as a celebrity.

Members that appeared with him jokingly asked, "Didn't you like Moon Geun Young?" and Yesung replied, "I only like Moon Geun Young as a fan, while my interest in Park Bo Young is personal." His honest answer drew cheers from his members and other members followed up with their own confessions. Donghae exclaimed "I want to be on the first page of the newspaper with news of a wedding! I want to hurry up and have a happy family life with someone like Kim Ha Neul. For marriage, I think 31, or 32 is a good age."


i just noticed Yesung likes chubby girls.. LOL~ Moon Geun Young was a cute little chubby girl before she chosed to lose weight crazily.. And Park Bo Young, is exactly the same actually she is now nicknamed Korea's little sister, a nicknamed that was owned by MGY before. Geez.. I envy PBY, Yesung isn't just a fan.. He wants more.. ^^ Donghae's comment is so cute.. Kim Ha Neul?! Nice choice..


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