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Kwon Ji Yong (stage name: G-Dragon) is the leader of Big Bang. A highly regarded singer-songwriter in the Korean music industry. His stage name originates from his first name; the G in his stage name coming from "지" (Ji) from his first name and Dragon coming from "용" (Yong) which means dragon in Korean. Since Big Bang's debut, he won 'Songwriter Award' in 2007 MKMF (Mnet Km Music Festival). His composing skill made Big Bang the only boy band which has a producer as a member after Seo Taiji & Boys and Deux in South Korea, both popular influential groups from the 1990s. He is known for his smooth voice, cute smile and always cheerful behaviour.

G-Dragon participated in the entertainment business ever since he was little. He debuted on a popular children show called 뽀뽀뽀 (Bbo Bbo Bbo) and when he was seven years old, he was a member in little Roora. G-dragon has been trained by YG Entertainment since he was 12 years old along with fellow Big Bang member, Tae Yang. During their training, they were known as GDYB and have done collaborative work with other YG Family members such as the hip hop group Jinusean.

Although the group in general is considered fashionable, G-Dragon especially is regarded as having a great sense of fashion. He himself has shown his interest by stating his desire to major in fashion. He is seen wearing a large variety of colours and many different hats in live shows.

G-Dragon has also released his debut digital single on June 30th, 2008 and his solo album (most likely a mini-album) is in the works and is expected to be released in April 2009.

Tae Yang

Dong Young Bae (stage name: Tae Yang) started out as a rapper, but is now the main vocalist of Big Bang. He has been with G-Dragon in YG Entertainment since he was 12 years old. He is known as the sweet, thoughtful and sensitive one in the group. Many of his fans adore him for his talented voice. Currently, Tae Yang is the first one to release the solo album from Big Bang.

The mini-album was released on May 22, 2008, entitled HOT. Consisting solely of hip-hop and R&B songs, the first single to be released was "나만 바라봐" ("Only Look at Me"). It has been well-received by both fans and critics alike.

In the first half of 2009, Taeyang is expected to release his first full album. It will show a new and unique side to his music.


Choi Seung Hyun (stage name: T.O.P) is considered the "big brother" of the band. He was formerly known as Tempo before he joined Big Bang. YG staff members call him Keun Seung Hyun, meaning Big Seung Hyun, to distinguish between the fellow Big Bang member also named Seung Hyun.

Before joining Big Bang, he was a star performer in underground hip-hop clubs and even won KBS Radio's "Rap Battle" in 2003. Tempo is one of the two rappers in the Big Bang and is also very talented in beat-boxing.

At the end of 2007, Big Bang was invited to KBS music award festival and performed Hot Issue songs. T.O.P, however, could not come because he collapsed.

He has also ventured into acting. TOP successfully finished filming his role as the school's top fighter in a Korean drama called I Am Sam. His role as Chae Mu Shin (Musin) in the drama and his talent as an actor has impressed the fans and the viewers. He also starred in Red Roc's music video for the song "Hello", in which he shaved his head as well as in YG Family member Gummy's music video, "미안해요" (I'm Sorry) with Sandara Park. His first acting debut was in 2007, starring in the drama "I Am Sam" along with Yang Dong Geun and Park Min Young. The drama was a success which made more fan popularity with it's comedy. It was announced that he would be starring in a drama called IRIS with Lee Byung Hun in 2009.

It has been announced that in the second half of 2009 T.O.P will release a solo album following G-Dragon and Tae Yang.

Dae Sung

Kang Dae Sung is a vocalist in Big Bang. During the auditions, Dae Sung was called "Unpretty Boy" and "ugly", but later, the staff team confirmed that Daesung is actually the most popular member in Big Bang. Dae Sung has been also been known as "Gag/Comedy Genius Dae Sung" (Gae Chun Dae Sung in Korean) with his great sense of humor and unique talent in imitating famous people and even animals. Although he does not have a Korean stage name like the other members, he has a Japanese stage name which is D-Lite. Dae Sung is known to have an obsession with "Doraemon", a Japanese animation.

Dae Sung released a digital song, titled. "날 봐, 귀순" ("Look At Me, Gwi-soon") on June 16, 2008. The fact that it was a trot song did not sit well with some fans.[37] However, months after it was released, it continues to be part of music charts, showing that it was successful and extremely popular.

In the fall of 2008, Dae Sung became the second Big Bang member to star in a musical, playing the role of Tum Tum in the Korean production of Cats. Dae Sung has also become a permanent of the reality-variety show Family Outing on SBS, on which he revealed that his IQ was 110 points.

After the 2008 MKMF daesangs awards his performance with one of Korea's Top Superstars Lee Hyori it was voted one of the best acts of the night.

Seung Ri

Lee Seung Hyun (stage name: Seung Ri) is the "little brother" of Big Bang. His name when Big Bang debuted, was "V" which is derived from Victory. YG's staff call him "Mak-nae", which means "the youngest" or "the baby in a family". Seung Ri's greatest talents are dancing and choreographing dance routines.

Before joining Big Bang, Seung Ri was a member of Il Hwa, a Gwangju dance team. He was also on "Battle Shinhwa", a show that looked for the second Shinhwa, one of the most successful Korean boy bands to date. However, he was rejected in the 13th episode because although he was a great dancer, his vocals failed to impress. However, the manager of YG recognized his talent and invited him to practice with the YG Family.

Seung Ri is the first member of Big Bang to star in a musical. He debuted as a musical actor on Sonagi from April to May 2008.

He also showed an interest in filming and to date, is the second member to debut as an actor after fellow member, T.O.P. He filmed his first film role in June 2008. Titled 우리집에 왜 왔니 ("Why Did You Come to Our House?"), the film also stars Kang Hye Jung and featured Seung Ri as Kang's first love. The film is scheduled to be released at the end of 2008.

Starting in January of 2009 Seung Ri began his solo activities with his song 'Strong Baby', a song off of Big Bang's second album "Remember". On January 1st 2009 at 12pm, YG released Seung Ri's MV for 'Strong Baby' which included a cameo from G-Dragon, a bed scene and a passionate kiss. Despite the contents of this MV, VIPs have been generally pleased with it.

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SO-1, commonly referred to as Jang Hyun Seung, was dropped from Big Bang in the ninth episode of their documentary, which was shown on GOM Television. He was considered to be a great singer and had a "pretty face".[citation needed] Unfortunately, he did not pass the audition to become a member in Big Bang due to his shyness on stage. He is no longer with YG family.

Source: Wikipedia

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