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090421 MinHwan Blog Update

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090421 MinHwan Blog Update

Post by charinna13 on Thu Apr 23, 2009 8:22 pm


みんな.. ぼくの はなし ちょっと きいてぐださい...
Everyone… Please listen to what I’m about to say…

ぼく じつは.. かのじょがいます..
I actually … have a girlfriend…

ほんとうに たくさん だいすきですけど..
I honestly have a lot of love for her but…

さいきん なんにも したいことが ないです。
Recently I don't want to do anything! <-(Wah, so dramatic for him to phrase it like this)

ただ かのじょと いっしょに あそびたいです!!??
I only want to hang out with my girlfriend!!??

My girlfriend is…

All of you Primadonnas~~ (≧▽≦)

こんかいの こんさーと たのしく! あそびましょう~
The up coming concert will be fun! Let’s all play around together~

びっくり~?? ふふふふふ~
Were you surprised~?? Fufufufufu~

credit: Minhwan's Blog + kannade @ soompi
- leongerjonger @


aww.?! I got scared. TT
sweet MinHwan Razz I love you

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