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High Cut Magazine looks inside Ji-hoo sunbae's bag

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High Cut Magazine looks inside Ji-hoo sunbae's bag

Post by yongie on Mon May 04, 2009 4:21 pm

What does Boys Before Flowers' Ji-hoo sunbae (Kim Hyun-joong) carry in his bag?

In the 4th issue of HIGH CUT (하이컷) magazine, an article features the contents of Ji-hoo sunbae's bag. Currently the most popular (and most handsome?) of the ss501 guys, Kim Hyun Joong's bag contents is a hot topic.

So what's in Ji-hoo's bag?

Samsung Anycall's Haptic mobile phone - although he appears in the CF, Hyun-joong claims to have bought this phone with his own money
A pair of stylish Louis Vuitton sunglasses
Kiehls Lip Balm to keep his lips moist and kissable
KRW 10,000 in his wallet
A folded t-shirt
80 GB iPod touch

credits: kpopped

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