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Fans love WonderGirls SunMi’s new short hairstyle

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Fans love WonderGirls SunMi’s new short hairstyle

Post by yongie on Thu May 07, 2009 10:06 am

WonderGirls member SunMi has recently cut her hair to shoulder-length short.

She sent out greetings to fan recently on 6th May on their official fan cafe. And fans immediately spotted her new hair, much different from her previously long locks.

She has all along been spotting long natural locks. And with a change of a hairstyles, she looks really cute and pleasant. Netizens and fans’ responses, “Really cute”, “She suits short hair as much as long hair”, “As compared to SunMi with thick makeup, I prefer SunMi who looks pure and innocent.”

SunMi’s recent message to fans:

credits: youtube channel: hikarus90 and K Bites

"undying promise to you i'll tell,
that you will always be my angel
and my love for you will never fail;
on this day until forever..."


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