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YB TaeYang’s Letter to His Fans: From the Big Show Photo Book

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YB TaeYang’s Letter to His Fans: From the Big Show Photo Book

Post by yongie on Sat May 09, 2009 2:55 pm

[from georgie]: This is a letter wrote to his fans. It is not long, but as it is often the case, YB cuts right through to what matters without being verbose. Also, the awesome bam_wida (inthothesol) had made a video with it and generously agreed to upload it to YouTube for us international fans (thank you again):

“Every now and then, I feel this connection with the audience – that is when I sing with all my heart and I can see that the audience is listening to my singing with the same sincerity with which I sing. And at such a moment, I realize that now I am the one who makes them feel the flutter of excitement I used to feel when I listened to music. Then I feel so touched I get goosebumps. I also feel a heavy sense of responsibility. ^^

“I believe that music has the power to change peoples’ lives. I often renew my resolve to work harder because I know that not everyone gets an opportunity like this.

“I think when I enjoy myself on stage, so will the audience. To my fans, I would like to say, ‘I will work harder,’ rather than to say, ‘I love you,’ because I believe that sincerity has its way of getting across to touch hearts.”

From TaeYang

credits: bigbang fansite, pgeorgie, Hanse/reah3a@naver; (c) YG Entertainment
youtube channel: intothesol

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