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Sohee does a solo in Numéro

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Sohee does a solo in Numéro

Post by suju_jjang on Thu Jan 15, 2009 9:45 pm

While plans for a dubious “Dream High” are in the works between Donkey Kong and Yonsama, Sohee treads on avant-garde ground before she dons the high school garb in possible HSM-fashion.

Preview shots were released online today, promising both Numéro followers and Wonderfuls a different side to the Wonder Girls maknae. From the preview, it seems like Sohee is going back to her “So Hot” days, albeit injecting those horrid leopard prints with a preppy take on rocker/biker style (Gwen Stefani, anyone?). Let’s hope the monotone photographs don’t lead up to pinks, denim-blues and whatsoever - as were those in their promotional shoots.

Look out for Sohee’s 14-page (yes, a whole fourteen-page spread of your favourite singer) Numéro reveal in February.

credit: seoulbeats

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