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YG, “We will control the broadcast activities of 2NE1″

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YG, “We will control the broadcast activities of 2NE1″

Post by yongie on Tue May 19, 2009 5:54 pm

The newcomer group whom everyone has been talking, 2NE1’s company YG Entertainment has revealed that they will focus on performance of the group.

YG Entertainment said on the 19th, “We will control their activities on broadcast programmes.”

“We have decided that they will not do much broadcast programmes activities from their debut. Normal singers will go on music programmes consecutively to get themselves known, we will focus more on 2NE1’s performance more. Even though the numbers may be small, we want to make sure they deliver good performance.”

“And for their appearance on broadcast programmes this, we actually have not decided on it yet. We are looking into them going on music programmes just once a week.”

credits: K Bites

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