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[Interview] 2NE1, “Big Bang is like a big mountain. And we wish to be like them.”

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[Interview] 2NE1, “Big Bang is like a big mountain. And we wish to be like them.”

Post by yongie on Thu May 21, 2009 7:36 pm

2NE1 has expressed their thanks for having the nickname of ‘female Big Bang’ and receiving so much concern even before their debut.

They did an interview with Newsen on 20th May, and they talked about the ‘tag’ or ‘label’ that netizens gave them.

2NE1, “This the core and from which the netizens gave our nickname. And we are thankful to be compare to our seniors Big Bang.“

“But at the same time, to be attached with the name of popular group Big Bang, it also serves as pressure for us too. And also there has been so much attention at this girl group from YG Entertainment since their last 10 years back.”

“But we still have to thank the fans for all the concern. We will be the best that we can be, and not to disappoint everyone.”

About group Big Bang from the same company, “Big Bang helped to monitor our progress too. For our first stage, they even came down personally to give support. YG Family is not a family for nothing. They are like a family to us, and give us advice during our MV filming and practice. It is really heartwarming.”

They continued, “Big Bang is a really great group. To us, they are like a very high mountain. We want to be like them too. We want to be bring new stuff as a female group to the Kpop realm.”

The girls already had their debut stage on SBS Inkigayo on 17th May. They talked about their feelings on that, “Until now, it does feel real to us at all. The first broadcast was like a day of dreaming for us. We did our best to bring out a different feel with ‘Fire’ after ‘Lollipop’. We went through a lot to bring out our own styles on stage.”

credits: Kbites

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