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trivia: g dragon

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trivia: g dragon

Post by yongie on Mon Jun 08, 2009 7:07 am

- He was born on the date of the 88' Olympics, which started Aug 18, 1988.
- His favorite nickname is 권리다 (Kwon Leadah)
- His clothing size is Medium.
- He used to hold Seungri while sleeping when they lived in their first apartment.
- GD's first girl friend was a Nuna. (older than him) When she broke up with him, he admitted that he bawled over the phone. [YSMM]
- He wants to challenge his acting skills.
- He thinks he looks best/handsome on stage and when he looks into a foggy mirror after showering, cause he thinks his hair looks cool.
- His prized possession is all his clothes, shoes, and hats. Says if he loses them he can't buy them again! Has gotten into the habit of always organizing them now.
- First kiss: "My freshman year, in front of my house, I had a slight first kiss with my girlfriend. I did it because I wanted to and I liked her. My heart was racing/fluttering as I did it. (But we broke up)" - GD
- Known to be scariest when he works. Gets angry when they practice because they need to focus more and work hard.
- He registered on Ivy and Boa's fan cafe's in the past, but both accounts expired.
- Has his dad on #1 speed dial.
- The only member of Big Bang who is not afraid of Yang Hyun Suk. (President of YG Entertainment)
- Has seen YG acting 'cute' bragging about new shoes and has seen YG dancing cute-like to music.
- He picked Seungri as the member he would date if he was a girl.
- Says if he didn't do music, he would study fashion.
- He is proud of himself when he is standing on stage.
- His favorite clothing style is his own.
- His nickname in school was Kwonjiral.
- He is most confident with his collarbone.
- Chooses love over work
- His reason to become a singer was one word: destiny.
- Relieves stress by making fun of the person next to him and goofing around.
- He is nicknamed by some fans as “Sandpaper Ji Yong” based on how rough and cold he looks on the outside. He says he sees himself like that on the outside but on the inside knows he is not like that. He says people who are close to him know that well.
- One of his favorite songs is 'The Killers - Somebody Told Me'
- He never once felt like quitting being a singer.
- He wants to duet with Ivy. He admires her dancing and performances and wants to compose music and do sexy hip hop music with her.
- His favorite artists include Jay-Z , Blackstreet . JO , Pharrell , Maroon 5, Mondo Grosso
- Songs he always sings at Karaoke are This Love [Maroon5] , Gi uk man ee ra do [Ann]
- Answered to if he crushed on a girl in his fan group, that he would look for a chance to tell her that he likes her.
- GD wrote his first lyrics in fifth grade for a talent show [Love Letter]
- G-Dragon was listed as #20 in Mnet's TOP 100 "Must Have" Males for 2007 [source]
- GD wrote/composed the Manwon song they sang on TOP's Happy Shares Company [manwon show / HSC appearances]
- He wants to try mixing Trot with Hip Hop [Love Letter Show]
- Once teared up while talking about his brother-like relationship with YB on a radio show. [08.30.07 MBCR Shin Han Shin Ku Bora]
- The song 'Lies' was originally written to be one of GD's solo songs, but they ended up singing it as a group.
- As the leader of Big Bang, GD keeps track of the member's text messages.
- G-Dragon has tattoos on both arms 'vita dolce' and 'moderato', meaning 'sweet life' and 'moderate' and were done at Carey Heart's (Ex-Husband of American artist Pink) tattoo shop in Las Vegas. He most likely got them done when Big Bang went to LA for the Hollywood Bowl Concert in May and went to Las Vegas for 1TYM's Danny's party.

- He debuted as a rapper since 6th grade.
- The first time he realized what Hip Hop was when he was young and listened to a Wu-Tang Clan album. After hearing a particular song, he knew he wanted to get into music.
- In his trainee days, YG said that if GD didn't get at least 80 points he wouldn't be able to leave the training room. So then he got over 80 points on his tests while in school. 87 was his best score in high school.
- A present that he got from a fan that really touched him was when in middle on his birthday, he felt lonely and sad but when he read fanletters, his feelings brightened.
- After 20 years he wants to be like Mr.YG, helping people to reach their dream.
- On Dec. 9th 2008, was selected under the style catagory of 8 different categories for the A-Awards which awards influential men of the time and was the youngest.

credits: the7real @ soompi

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