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taeyang's first full solo album in the works

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taeyang's first full solo album in the works

Post by yongie on Fri Jun 12, 2009 12:35 pm

One can hope that it’ll be as good as his first mini-album.

Big Bang dancing fiend Tae-yang was the first one from his fellow members to venture into solo activities with his mini-album, “HOT.” It was extremely well received, even garnering Best R&B/Soul album and Best R&B/Soul song with “Look Only At Me” at the Korean Music Awards, which is considered the most legitimate music award show in Korea next to the ones run by the big three broadcasting stations that serve corporate interests. The Korean Music Awards don’t pander to fan favorites, so it’s a surprise that idol star Tae-yang was able to be recognized.

Choosing Tae-yang doesn’t mean that they lose their credibility though, because “HOT” was a solid album that was produced with an understanding of the mainstream American style creating a smooth and refined fusion of American R&B and familiar Korean melodies, rather than simply copying it like many artists are doing now.

His album is expected to drop in either August or September of this year. Popular music producer 1TYM’s Teddy will be in charge of Tae-yang’s first full solo album yet again, as he previously contributed to the success of “HOT.” Teddy is currently working on 2NE1’s full album, but after he’s done, he’ll shift gears to work with Tae-yang.

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