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sandara park wants to be as cool uhm jung-hwa

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sandara park wants to be as cool uhm jung-hwa

Post by yongie on Thu Jul 16, 2009 6:29 pm

In an interview with Korean online site, Star News, Sandara Park confessed that she hopes to be as cool as Korea’s Madonna, Uhm Jung-hwa.

Check out excerpts of the interview:

Q: When did you want to be a singer? And what type of singer?

Sandara Park: When I was in 2nd grade, Seotaiji debuted. It was then that I thought that I had be on television too. That was the start of my dream. And Uhm Jung-hwa, I respect. She is pretty, sexy and cute all rolled into one package. I wanted to be like her where she is able to change her look for every performance.

Q to 2NE1: What is special about Sandara Park?

CL: Although she may look cute, she is really a deep person with a warm heart. Like a person who is on 24 hours, she is full of life.

Minji: She exudes happy energy. It’s fun hanging around her.

Bom: She takes the lead to make sure we are having fun. Always a happy friend. She’s the endorphin in our eam.

Sandara: I like to have fun and I make sure that everyone else is too. Now, when I joke around, now the other members get it and play along too.

credits: popseoul

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