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Girls’ Generation member YoonA appears on “Guerilla Date”

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Girls’ Generation member YoonA appears on “Guerilla Date”

Post by kriszanne on Sun Feb 03, 2013 2:19 pm

Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA literally stopped traffic in Insadong, South Korea.

On April 7th, YoonA appeared on the “Guerilla Date” segment of KBS2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘. YoonA was looking quite beautiful on this day wearing a red fedora. In the segment, YoonA talked about her role on “Love Rain” and remarked that her kiss scene was the weakest amongst the Girls’ Generation members, she also forewarned fans for a deeper kiss scene to come. YoonA was also asked if she discussed “Fashion King” and “Love Rain” with fellow member Yuri and she said that she hasn’t. She was also asked when she wanted to get married and she responded before the age of 32.

Additionally, a fan boy also passionately sang “The Boys” for YoonA which caused her to laugh hysterically. Another fan boy also showed off his shuffle dance to YoonA and was challenged to a game. If he wins the game he receives a hug, and if he loses he receives nothing. Even though the fanboy lost, YoonA displayed her kindness by still offering him a hug. Another older fan, who happened to be a KBS employee also had the chance to buy and present a gift to YoonA.

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